Why Is Insurance Uno Better?

Alberto Palacios came to this country at an early age, and learned quickly that the best route to success in life was to be in service to people around him. That is why, after graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Business Administration, and after working for IBM for a few years, he started Metrotone, Inc., a company first selling pagers and then cell phones, which became one of the biggest on Chicago's Northwest Side.

After more than twenty years in the business, he was convinced to let other people take over, but he still had the desire to serve people's needs, and went into the mortgage business for a while, but the writing was on the wall with the recession looming in 2008, and so he turned his attention to people's need for insurance--still serving people's needs. Now Alberto is filling the needs of his clients for insurance, whether it be automobile, property, business, life, or health. He still has that attitude of fulfilling your needs, and with all those years of experience, knows how to do it even better.

If you'll feel better knowing that the experience of service is on your side, come visit Alberto at InsuranceUno, or fulfill your needs right here at www.InsuranceUno.com .Alberto, himself, is always available to help people get what they need. You can call him at the office at 773-988-3900.

Best Carriers

  •   Lloyd's of London
  •   Progressive
  •   Federal life
  •   First Chicago